OTAS has extensive experience in evaluating and providing successful therapies, dramatically impacting the lives of infants and children. We provide an array of services to meet children’s needs including:

Independent Evaluations

Sensory Integration 

The Listening Program

Handwriting Program

Sensory Intensives 

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​Pediatric Services​

Physical Therapy

School Based Therapy

The role of a Physical Therapist is to examine individuals with impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, and other health related conditions in order to develop a treatment plan based on objective findings. Physical therapy is the design and implementation of a personal intervention strategy to help alleviate impairments and functional limitations. Physical Therapists are also qualified in the prevention of injuries, maintaining wellness, and the consultation and education of health promotion.

Who needs it?
Patients of all ages will benefit from physical therapy. Orthopedic and sports injuries require pre-operative and post-operative treatment in order to return to maximum functional levels. Patients with low back pain benefit from therapy to help reduce pain and restore function. Therapy for infants and adolescents with birth defects aids in motor development and gaining functional abilities. OTAS has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of Orthopedic Injuries, Sports Injuries, Back and Neck Injuries, Upper Extremity Injuries and Chronic Pain. We also have expertise in the evaluation and treatment of children with gross motor deficits.

Our Approach
A Physical Therapist completes an individualized evaluation and examines the patient by performing tests and taking objective measurements. The therapist and patient will go over the diagnosis of the injury discussing an individualized treatment care plan and prognosis for return to optimal health. OTAS physical therapists specialize in hands-on physical therapy and each case is treated on an individual basis. The goal of physical therapy is to restore maximal function, educate the patient on a home exercise program, and to teach prevention of future injuries.

Physical therapy helps to restore a person’s medical status to the maximum level after an injury or impairment has occurred. The patient will receive an injury prevention plan to help decrease the chance of future injury and an overall wellness plan to make the patient more independent with self help skills.

OTAS provides occupational and physical therapy services to school districts, charter schools and agencies throughout Western New York.  We have been providing Occupational Therapy services since 1979 and Physical Therapy services have been provided since 1998.  Occupational and Physical Therapy are mandated services as per IDEA and Section 504.

Who needs it?
School districts, charter school and agencies can contract directly with OTAS to provide their Occupational and/or Physical Therapy services.  School based services are provided at the direction of the Committee on Special Education and/or the 504 Committee.

Our Approach
OTAS has set the standard for provision of school-based services. Our staff is continuously trained in IDEA, Section 504 and state and federal regulations regarding school-based services.  OTAS staff works closely with school staff, administrators and other service providers to enhance students’ performance in the school setting.  The goal of services is to enable students to benefit from participation in the academic setting.  Treatment documentation is completed that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements.

OTAS has developed and provides several unique programs including: Kindergarten Developmental Skills Groups, Organizational Skill Groups, Handwriting Groups and Collaboration with RTI (Response to Intervention) Programs

OTAS has been providing school based services since 1979.  Our vast experience in school systems assures cost effective, quality therapy services as well as compliance with state and federal regulations.